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Purpose of the Chair

Purpose of the Research Chair

To develop and provide knowledge through basic and advanced research in pharmaceutical sciences.

To accelerate the process of technology transfer to the industrial sector Pertaining to strengthen the ability of pharmaceutical and competitiveness in global markets.

join the efforts in the research of medicinal, aromatic and poisonous plants in all university departments and try to be integrated into a single unit.

research on plants used in prophetic medicine and Saudi indigenous medicine and natural products for the purpose of evaluation of therapeutic and the discovery toxicities.

To explore and develop new drugs from natural sources and identify the impact against endemic diseases in the Kingdom 'as well as to examine the possibility of the economic feasibility of such products at the national level.

Extensive studies of poisonous plants and their impact on human and animal and means of protection.

Analytical studies of local aromatic plants for the purpose of utilization in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics and perfumes.

Devise the Constitution of the Saudi herbal medicines by the total number of studies made.

Build a geographical map indicates the presence of poisonous plants for the purpose of conservation

Progress in pharmaceutical research, especially in the field of medicinal plants and pharmaceutical technology.

Protect humanitarian originality and Islamic values in the field of research.

strengthen the status of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through Salman bin Abdulaziz University in the field of medicinal plant research and manufacture of natural products and pharmaceutical. 

The development and manufacture of herbal products in pharmaceutical forms and marketed locally, regionally and globally


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