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Words of the Chair Professor

Words of the Chair Professor

"But as a mercy to the worlds"] Prophets: 107]. God has chosen the Almighty Muhammad, peace be upon him and sent him to be a mercy for all neighborhoods on the planet. Mercy to the worlds to guide them to the right and out of the darkness and into the light and misguidance to guidance and uncertainty and anxiety to check soul’s remembrance of Allah the One. Mercy came with its canons set rules of justice, equality and respect for the man who honored God and his creation in his hand and his angels worship him. Because of the purposes of the Islamic Sharia self-preservation did not empty the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger, peace be upon him of directives to maintain health and treat certain conditions that contemporary mission of the Prophet, peace be upon him; and the guidance of the Prophet in this area is the doctrine established when a Muslim who puts monument appointed by the words of God "and speaks of passion * it is only a revelation revealed"] star: 3-4. And with researching- became known among scientists and classified medicine - not occupied, but the health of modern proportion to the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him; the true modern realized that what the right or proven science has been unable to prove that after the revelation from God. Human health depends on the surrounding environment and the application of the standards of personal hygiene and coming into the other people and even animals, and what comes after that practiced methods of medication to treat infected by the disease. To give a brief overview of the instructions of the Prophet in these different areas.


Chair Professor


Prof. Dr. / Majid Saad Abdul Qadir


Professor of Pharmacognosy - Faculty of Pharmacy

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