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Activity of the Chair

The workshop, which will be provided through the chair will cover most of the pharmacists areas include pharmacists who work in pharmaceutical companies and pharmacists in hospitals, pharmacists in pharmacies, and will offer workshops through lectures developed by the faculty members of the Department of Pharmacognosy and the unity of medicinal,   aromatic and toxic plants and Department of Pharmaceutics, faculty and other specialists; the speakers can be from schools of pharmacy or other academic or related advanced centers or hospitals or institutes of pharmaceutical companies.
Workshops will be presented every two years and belong to one or two of the following addresses:
• medicines stability (during the storage period or through the use of the patient).
• clinical drugs.
• stimulant drugs and evening use.
• toxic and forensic drugs.
• biotechnology in the production of medicinal plants.
• preparation of pharmaceutical Kalmriham, creams, suspensions and emulsions and lotions with natural content.
• interactions of herbal and chemical drugs with each other and with the food after handling.
• recent developments in the field of herbal medicine manufacturing.
Global Conference:
The chair is planning to provide a global conference in the fifth year in the field of medicinal plants and herbal medicines and natural products and in other areas of progress in a timely manner.
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