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Vision and Mission



Excellence in Drug Research depending on Prophetic Medicine Plants and manufacturing of effective, save, standardized products for prevention and treatment of diseases.


“Sheikh AbduAllah  bin Zaid bin Ghonaim Research Chair in Prophetic Medicine, Developing and Manufacturing Natural Products” is dedicated to discover and develop drugs and pharmaceutical products based especially on Prophetic Medicine and Herbal Medicine in general to maximize the benefit through documented scientific research and applied studies as well as raising the awareness in Saudi society for optimal use of plants and natural products.



Activate pharmaceutical knowledge:

update knowledge

Strengthening research capacity for faculty members.

Expansion of the national and global communications.

Meet local requirements by conducting research, development and manufacturing of herbal preparations:

Make a priority for research activities on the basis of need.

strengthen applied research in the field of prophetic medicine and natural products.

manufacturing herbal formulas inspired by the prophetic medicine and traditional medicine and put it in the Saudi domestic and international markets.

the supply of research institutes and pharmaceutical industries, with scientific services.

Development at the university level in pharmaceutical research:

the establishment of research units in the chair.

improve the qualitative research projects.

cooperation with the associations to conduct ethical research on moral grounds.

propose research projects for each relevant researchers.

provide special aid for the discerning researchers.

highlight the importance of publishing pharmaceutical research and encourage the dissemination of scientific research in international journals.

Development based education research in the various branches of the pharmacy:

Provide opportunities for research and educational sessions short.

the organization of specialized workshops on the basis of actual needs.

strengthen research activities by teaching research methods.

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