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Supervisor of the chair Message

Scientific research and technological applications plays an important role in the evolution of the welfare of the community in any country and it can be considered that the scientific research measures the progress of these countries, in terms of social and economic growth.  States with efficient applications outputs of scientific research        found always occupies pride of place in many areas, and frequent cultural and scientific contributions to civilization in the humanitarian and economic growth and build the foundations of global leadership and perspectives.


So, it comes the foundation of Sheikh Abdullah bin Zaid bin Ghoneim Research chair for Therapeutics Prophetic Medicine, develop and manufacture natural products revive the Sunnah of our Prophet Mohammad “peace be upon him” in the medication and to take advantage of medicinal plants and herbs in Saudi Arabia for the purposes of the pharmaceutical industry and converted from the raw forms into a modern pharmaceutical forms of legalized ; where the chair will use all the experiences of the Faculty of Pharmacy in the fields of medicinal plant chemistry and industrial biotechnology and pharmacology of different forms and colors to gain access to scalable manufacturing and marketing pharmaceutical forms.





 Supervisor of the chair

 Prof. Khalid bin Mohammed Alkharfy

Dean of Pharmacy College –Salman bin Abdulaziz University


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