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The structure of the chair

The structure of the chair:
The chair consist of the five core sectors:
• medicinal and aromatic plants toxic sector.
• Technical pharmaceutical sector.
• Pharmaceutical Chemistry sector.
• Pharmacology and Toxicology sector.
• drug manufacturing sector.
Administered by the supervisor of the chair and vice-chair (Chairman of the Committee activation); and each headed by Prime sector raises his report to the supervisor or his deputy.
Supervisor on the chair:
• It is responsible for the scientific, technical, administrative and financial Ciwon to chair the research and preparation of reports and communicate with the unit overseeing the university research chairs program.
Supervision Committee for the Scientific Research:
• represented by five basic sectors and managers are directly responsibility of scientific research chair and raise monthly reports to the supervisor on the chair his deputy.
Committee activation:
The Committee shall be the activation task as follows:
• Review and identify research priorities.
• Review the general program of the chair.
• Develop required to chair the annual budget recommendations.
• the formation of sub-committees and specialized mini.
• Hold regular meetings to review the plan of action and stand on the problems that may arise.
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